Posnania prize for Maurice BANSAY, Apsys

Apsys rakes the prize pool at the PRCH Retail Awards 2017


The company Apsys Polska is the several times winner of the 7th edition of the PRCH Retail Awards competition. Its flagship project – Posnania was chosen the best new shopping center of the year and the inaugural event of Posnania’s opening was considered the best opening campaign. Apsys was also awarded for hosting the industry’s most important event and for two CSR campaigns and a pro-sales campaign.

Posnania prize for Maurice BANSAY, Apsys


Apsys Polska won in four and was distincted in two categories in the PRCH Retail Awards 2017 competition. The Apsys flagship project – Posnania in Poznań was chosen the best new shopping centre of the year. The “Posnania Grand Opening” campaign with its greatest star Eva Longoria was also the winner. Another major prize was awarded by the jury to Apsys for the CSR campaign “Driving and helping” launched in Europa Centralna S.C. in Gliwice. The most important event of the year in the Polish shopping center industry was “Manufaktura’s 10th Birthday” organized by Apsys in Łódź. In addition to these four prizes, the jury of the PRCH Retail Awards 2017 awarded two more prizes. The jury particularly distincted the CSR campaign “A Higher Level Project” developed by Apsys for Galeria Katowicka and the “Ribbon Lottery” pro-sale campaign launched by Apsys shopping centres: in Tulipam S.C. in Łódź, Platan S.C. in Zabrze, Bielawy S.C. in Toruń, Osowa S.C. in Gdańsk and Czyżyny S.C.in Kraków.

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